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01. Icon Business Hotels
In Banglore, India


02. Dhansekar Properties in Villupuram, India


03. Ramesh Properties In Chennai, India

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What We Specialize On

Bara Architects is a design company that
specializes in customized personal spaces by
combining science and client collaboration.

You can have a space that is tailored just for you. Every aspect of the design, from finishes to fixtures and furniture layout will be perfectly customized in order to create an environment where you feel at home

Your happy place is our priority. We’ll invest the time to explore art, collectibles, and installations that fit your space perfectly while reflecting on who you really are!

We are the team to work with when you need us for anything, from designing your budget or material selections all of way through installation.

— Architecture Services

We’re a studio that aims to create beautiful buildings and we believe in collaborating
with our clients. The heart of the process is where everyone works
together, encouraging innovation from start to finish!

Living Room

— Bedroom Design

Kitchen Design

— Dining Room

— Bathroom Design

— Storage Room

— Home Office Design

— Gym Room Design

— Playroom Design

— The process
01 01

Initial Conceptual Stage_

With a 3D concept, our consultant’s layout and BOQ allow for an accurate estimate of how long it would take to finish your project.

02 02

Pre-Concept Stage_

From research and analysis, we start the design process with test fit. This allows us to ensure our ideas line up correctly on paper.

03 03

Scheme Stage_

With the help of consultants’ input and a mood board, an updated pre-estimate is concluded. The designer goes through each detail to ensure that everything will be just as planned before finally presenting it for approval!

04 04

Implementation Stage_

The design team was able to create a GFC drawing that gave an accurate estimate of how the space would look once implemented. We’ll start working on implementation!


J Senthil Chief ArchitectChief Architect

Design is an ability that allows you to understand and interpret the world around us. It’s a skill created from our innovations, perceptions of it all together with what we imagine for ourselves in terms of design – whether its architecture or something else entirely!

As Tadao Ando said, “I believe that the way people live can be directed by architectural drawings”.

Effects Of Our Interior Designs_



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