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10 Eye-Opening Hotel Interior Design Trends

Modern hotels are adapting to rapid social changes with creative solutions. In this post we will cover 10 of the most striking interior design trends that shape up today’s hospitality scene: from rethinking guestroom configurations and ensuring highly personalized experiences, hotel owners transform accommodation units into highlights for any escape!

Whether you own a hotel, work in the hospitality industry, or are planning your next business trip abroad- here are some of today’s most popular trends.

1. Lobbies can be used as multi-functional spaces

Hotel lobbies are becoming more important as social interactions change. Nowadays, people want to be able to use the space for both formal and casual discussions with their colleagues or clients in an elegant yet modern setting- which means that simple sofa tables won’t do!

A hotel’s lobby should provide a multi-use area where guests can sit while they work on laptops alongside coffee makers; it needs so much functionality because this is usually when you’ll find out who else has been booked into your favorite property–whether business-related (rooms)or leisurely

The creative space segmentation of a hotel is necessary, providing both intimate and social zones. More extravagant entrance features in today’s emerging market include large green walls with indoor waterfalls or chandeliers for dramatic effect; these design elements provide comfort while also fulfilling functionality requirements to accommodate guests’ needs during their stay at the property.

2. Reconfiguring guestroom features

Hotel rooms are no longer just about providing a place to sleep. Today’s travelers want more than that – they’re looking for surprises and experiences away from home, which is why each interior in the modern hospitality industry has its own style differences as well!

The contemporary and creative design of a hotel room design can make it an interesting place for travelers. Creative offices, colorful TV panels with cool accent colors, as well an extra sofa next to the king-sized bed are just some key ingredients in creating this trendy atmosphere that will appeal not only to those looking traditional but also to those seeking out new experiences!

3. Integrating Spa bathroom traits

The bathroom is no longer just a place to bathe and change, it has become an extension of one’s personal space. In order for people to feel at home during their travels, they need more than what can be offered in traditional bathrooms-spa like features that invite relaxation such as deep soaking tubs or large shower heads with multiple sprays per minute will make them want to stay awhile!

With his and her bathroom, there is plenty of space for two while the en suite bedroom can be used by the couple to get away from each other or relax in privacy when they’re home on their own time, it has its very own walk-in shower with spa-style fixtures which will make you feel like royalty!

4. They have become a destination

In the modern era, more and more hotel restaurants are turning into unforgettable spaces through design. Themes can be highly recommended for creating creativity that will push boundaries beyond what you thought possible in a space as well-known to guests beforehand – turning each venue into its own destination!

5. Bewildering barriers

The hotel industry has known for years that sensory experiences go a long way.

These days, it is hard to keep the indoor outdoor transition as ethereal and calm inside your room as possible- especially with all of these new amenities offered by modern-day hotels like large decks or terraces where guests can enjoy nature from their window while still feeling connected to home base thanks in part due wooden paneling, stone decorations which make you feel almost disappeared into another world and lush greenery providing fresh air through natural ventilation systems– even waterfalls!

6. Incorporating green trends

Hotel owners are looking at ways to stay green and minimize their impact on the environment. One way they have done this is by installing oversized windows for natural lighting, using materials that won’t damage or harm guests’ health in anyway (such as wood), and providing recycling bins where guests can take disposed items back home with them after use!

7. Highlighting the local art

To create a genuine experience, it is important to incorporate local art into the hotel decoration. Integration can be as simple as adding small sculptures and photography or large-scale installations in order for guests’ perceptions of their hotel stay not only to improve but also to add another layer that makes them feel at home while they’re visiting your destination!

8. Embracing Technology

The business world is becoming more and more hi-tech, but many people still want to disconnect during holiday time. However, hotels that focus on keeping guests plugged in can help increase productivity by providing a comfortable environment for working hard!

Hotels are now offering more amenities to their guests including the ability for them to adjust lighting, air conditioning, and even window blinds through smartphones. Guests can also use these tablets at check-in where there will be printing/forcing boarding passes along with other self-helping processes requiring online connection!

9. Combining more texture and color

Hotel rooms’ interiors are typically more sterile when it comes to pattern and texture and if you want your guests to have an unforgettable experience, then adding some bright colors in the form of pillows or curtains will create a memorable time for them while staying at one of your hotels!

10. Tailor-made spaces

Hoteliers are always looking for ways to make their accommodations stand out. Whether it’s through pop-up hotels or modular units, themed guestrooms have become popular in recent years as an unforgettable way of tailor-made space and providing guests with unique experiences they’ll never forget!


Hotel rooms are meant to provide comfort, that feeling of a home away from the familiar. No matter how luxurious and technologically friendly they may be or what theme is present in each room – whether it’s wood additions inspired decorating items carpets curtains fireplace TV set playing guest’s favorite music- all these things add up to an unforgettable stay! Hotel spaces are meant to create memories, and with that in mind, it is important for them not only to be comfortable but also eye-catching. Bara Architects has the know-how of making your hotel stand out from all others through their unique designs which will leave an impression on customers so they can’t wait to visit again! Give us a call today if you’re interested or need help designing something new – we would love to restructure your space soon.

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