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Best Tips For Contacting Architecture Firms

We have reviewed a few internships, one thing you need to know is how to contact architects. We found three strategies that were effective for contacting architecture firms.

Never send mass emails

  • Do not just send your resume and portfolio to a company’s email address. Our case studies show that most of the time, your email will never be seen. You have to take another step.
  • Keep going after you send your resume and portfolio. Most organizations tend have a general email address where you can send your resume.
  • Sending your resume to that email might be a problem because there are so many other resumes that will be sent to the same email. If you provide your contact information, they will send you a message thanking you for your interest in their company. They will contact you if they find a job that matches their qualifications.
  • Many companies receive more resumes than they can handle. Because of this, you usually don’t hear back after sending a resume to someone through a general email address. They probably didn’t see it because of the high amount of emails they receive. When you email your resume, you will usually get a response. Review the company website to learn more about the company. To send your resume to someone, you need to find their email address.
  • It is possible to find the email address of the person who hires architects at most companies. Look for the name of the Operations Manager or Office Leader. Then send your information to them.If you want someone to respond to your email, send it to them directly.
  • Even though you may not get a full response back, most of the time that person will actually forward your resume to someone who can do something with it -You can increase the chance of your resume being read by sending it directly to the hiring manager or recruiter at rather than through the general email address.


Start Calling

The best way to start your job search is by making a list of the top 10 companies you want to work for. Once you have your list, call their office and introduce yourself. Let them know that you are interested in working as an intern for their company.
When you contacted the company about their internship program. You contacted 2 companies that didn’t answer, 2 companies that told you to email your resume or fill out an online application, and 3 companies that put you through to a human resources representative. in touch with someone who can help me get an interview. All 3 of those interviews resulted in a job offer.

Leverage your Contacts

  • A lot of people in the architecture and engineering world use social media to find new business opportunities. They also use it to find potential clients for their business. If you know someone at a firm, contact them, and use your personal connection which includes Family, friends, and school alumni – use them all!
  • No matter what, always ask for help from your family and friends. They might know people who can help you find a job in a field you’re interested in working in. They can also look at your resume and portfolio for you and even email them to their friends who work at other companies.
  • This is the best way to get your name and resume around the architecture community. For example, suppose you talk to Sara, an architect who is active in both the American Institute of Architects and the Dallas architecture community. You have mentioned that your fiance was looking for a full-time job.
  • Sara assisted him in seeking a job. She knew people who could help. Weeks later, he started getting emails from companies he had never known.
  • He received job offers from two of the companies he interviewed with. Your best resource is other people and seek their guidance.
  • When looking for a job, it is important to be brave and keep trying. Getting rejected is just a part of the process. It takes time to get an interview and even more time to get a job. If you are looking for your first full-time job, don’t settle for anything less than what you want.


You don’t have to take an offer just because you got one. Waiting for the right job is better than taking a job you will hate.

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