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Designing Covid-19 Proof spaces for Future

The pandemic has caused a major shift in the housing market, with many homes now being equipped with air filtration systems and private gyms. As you might expect from such an event, real estate agents are reporting that these features are becoming must-haves among buyers who want nothing less than pure luxury when they move into their new space!

Unique design proposals With Covid-19 in daily headlines, we’ve seen a shift towards creating healthier and more sustainable homes. These design trends include multi generational living with an emphasis on family wellness.

Smart Technology That Can Keep You Healthy By Monitoring

Smart technology that can keep you healthy by monitoring your vitals or climate control systems tailored specifically for individual room’s needs (allowing residents to have their own personalized experience). In addition there are new perspectives about what “wellness” means now – it’s not just about physical health but also mental well being which leads us into considering the environment around them at all times

Some people may be looking into building panic rooms, fire shelters and bunkers in response to society’s challenges. With time can these become economically viable? Could we have a button at home that will create an airtight seal around our house which would protect us from any viruses or bacteria outside coming inside of course with negative pressure!

Designing virus proof spaces

The danger is that over-cooled spaces can be conducive for virus survival and spread through surface contamination. We do not know much about this yet, but it may have implications on how we design buildings in the future as common measures include using a mudroom as an entry point or removing footwear before entering any type of room with cool surfaces such as hardwood floors which are easy to clean without having to use harsh chemicals because they won’t damage them like other cleaning products would


Required Safety Measures

If we continue to design thermally uncomfortable buildings with poor ventilation, inadequate shading and high heat loads on the structures, then it is likely that people will be spending more time having their air conditioning or cooling system turned on.

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) has found that electricity consumption spirals out of control when the heat index increases during summer in Delhi. While cooling can protect under extreme heat conditions, it also has other health concerns like COVID-19 which is reminding us all about how important energy security really is!

Indian homes are naturally ventilated in which people can control wind and sun with windows, openings but when these shut off to make the air conditioners work rates of building ventilation with outdoor become reduced. Closed window inside Naturally Ventilated Buildings increase concentrations level pollutants as well becomes source for Microbial Contamination

Bottom Line

The pandemic was a wakeup call for the need to be more environmentally friendly, and that is something we are still adjusting to. The COVID-proofing movement has not stopped architects from incorporating sustainable building practices into their designs despite this new development in society

In fact it could go one step further than before because now there’s even less time as our planet faces some tough challenges like global warming which requires rapid change if we don’t want things take us down with them

The logic of this seems simple – if we do not design buildings for improved thermal comfort and to reduce air conditioning, then higher dependence on excessive cooling can create another trap. This could lead us into a dangerous viruses epidemic that would wipe out millions before their time! The scientific community has already started talking about it so further investigation needs doing now!.

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